lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2005

KATRINA - An American Tragedy

It may be weeks before the lights come back on and months before New Orleans is mopped out, a year before the refugees resettle in whatever will come to function as home, even without anything precious from the days before the flood. But it may take even longer than that before the nature of this American tragedy is clear: whether the storm of '05 is remembered mainly as the worst natural disaster in our history or the worst response to a disaster in our history. Or both.

By NANCY GIBBS El texto es de la revista TIME, Septiembre 12. La foto es de ROBERT STOLARIK . Evidentemente yo no estaba allí.

Yo no tengo palabras. No puedo comprender cómo el pais mas poderoso de la tierra puede sufrir de esa manera las consecuencias de un desastre natural y tardar tantos dias en reacionar.