My biography

I really liked being a teacher

I haven't written my biography yet, but if you want to know something about me, you can take a look at this interview one of my students did with me a few years ago, before I retired from teaching. Not all the things I told her were true, but most of them are.

Pilar told me that she was fifty something years old and she had been born in Linares. but her family moved to Granada when she was very young.

 I think that she hasn’t a good memory, because she told me that she didn’t remember her phone number.
She told me that she lived in Granada where she had lived all her life. She lives with her husband (who is a also teacher in my high school) and they have two daughters, she said that in her family she had four sisters and three brothers, and that she was in the middle of them.

 Pilar said that her father had died, but he had been the most influential person in her life, and that her mother was a hard-working person, a bit ironic and serious too.
She said that she had been studying English since she was four years old, but I’m not sure this was true. She had learnt to speak French too. She told me that she had visited France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Morocco and Tunisia. 

She said that she wasn’t very tall, because she was only 1,62 m tall She told me that when she was a child she liked and dreamed of being famous, so she was happy when she later met the famous actress Victoria Abril, who, by the way, is more or less the same height.

They saw me like this!

About her hobbies, she said that she loved cycling in her mountain bike. She told me that she was very bad at swimming and singing. On the contrary, she was good at taking photos. She told me that her favourite food was paella, but she wasn’t good at cooking. She said that she was fond of reading and that the last book she had read was “Anatomía de un instante” by Javier Cercas.
She told me that, before teaching, she had done some other jobs, as cleaning rooms in a hotel. She said that she hated people who were lazy, although she was most respectful with everybody. 

1989 - Windsor - with the girls on a school exchange

She said that she loved sunrises and sunsets and that she felt better in the morning that in the afternoon or in the evening.




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