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My baby doll
I was given this doll as a Christmas present when I was four or five years old and I have kept it with me since then. 
Just a few months before that Christmas, after paying a visit to a newly born cousin of mine,  I had asked my mother how she knew that the baby was a boy and not a girl.
She must have thought I was pulling her leg because we were already a big family with four very young children and she used to bath all of us together, boys and girls, because there was shortage of water then and besides, the only way to have hot water for the children's and the adults' baths was to heat it in big pots on the stove.
What she and I didn't know then is that I was really short sighted and also very absent minded. That must explain why I had not paid attention to the little detail that made us, boys and girls, different
So when I asked her, How do you know if a baby is a boy or a girl?, she told me that babies were born with a note on their backs where it was written BOY or GIRL.
I think I didn't believe her. I found it too strange, but I didn't ask any further questions about this topic, EVER AGAIN!
But when three months later, I got this baby doll at Christmas, I didn't look for any notes on its back, I only saw that he had a boy face and for me it was a BOY and I just loved him and played with him a lot and called him Jose, after one of my favourite cousins.
I must say that my mother also prepared a full set of small baby clothes for my doll. She was great at sewing and knitting, and the clothes were really pretty!
 Now this is the story of my boy baby doll.  I have kept it for over sixty years. Perhaps I knew that some day little Sara would also like him.
I got the doll out of his box for
5-year-old Sara to play with him during the days she is spending with us. She adores it, because it is soft and he is really lovely - what could I say? She feeds him, baths him, sends him to sleep and even swims with him in the pool. 

Today I was surprised when Sara asked me if I apart from this striped sweater I had a skirt or a dress for the doll. 

- A skirt? I asked her.

Yes, - she said. I'd like a skirt or a dress for her. This doll is a girl, not a boy, she hasn't got a ... 
  Oh, my god. It is true!! It is a GIRL!!!

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