Pilgrims to Santiago

On their way to Santiago
Believe it or not the man in the photo is a pilgrim travelling to Santiago de Compostela which is about 1000 km far from Granada.

I know it because today I asked one of these pilgrims. We usually find them in this track that is part of our daily walk. I did not understand what some 'tourists' were doing in this remote part of the province, far from touristic routes, all of them wearing strong boots and carrying heavy back packs. 

Just this morning I stopped  a man, I asked him where he was going, he did not understand me, so I asked if he spoke English and we continued the conversation in English, and he said he and his wife were on the Santiago Way. They had started in Almeria a few days ago and they planned to reach Santiago in eight weeks. Every day they walk 23 or 25 kilometres. They looked happy and relaxed and they suggested that we did the WAY too. 
The scallop shell and my backpack
I was astonished. How could they have found this route to go to Santiago? But Pedro reminded me that we had seen their symbol - the scallop shell - in some electric poles and some walls in this area. This indicates you are on the right path.
Una pequeña concha de peregrino para que no nos perdamos
Follow the Way

I then saw some other people going to Santiago. I saw they had this iconic symbol on their backpacks too.  
Buen Camino, I wished them!

I also did part of the way some years ago. It was a great experience for me. I found what I was looking for, although I did not know what I was looking for when I started! 
My shadow as a pilgrim

Acabo de volver
Me on the way
A pilgrim in the distance

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