Sparks and floaters

Yesterday I woke up with some vision problems. I was scared because when I got out of bed I saw some sparks and I thought I was suffering from a retinal tear.


Fortunately, I was able to get an urgent appointment with the ophthalmologist in the afternoon. He dilated my pupil to clearly see my retina and examined my eyes carefully and thoroughly and said that my problem was not that serious. He said I have vitreous floaters in my eyes.

Floaters are also known as 'flying flies' (muscae volitantes) and are deposits of various sizes, shapes, consistency, refractive index, and motility within the normally transparent vitreous humour of the eye.

I already have these 'flying flies' in my left eye, but I got used to it and know that they tend to disappear or get a lot smaller during winter when the daylight is not as strong.

Not so bad, but nearly

But now I have these annoying flying flies also in my right eye, my good eye, and I feel quite annoyed because I cannot see clearly and I have to close my eyes from time to time to relax.

It's really tiring watching these little objects - dots, threads - moving between the lines of the book I'm trying to read, or dancing all over the computer screen when I'm writing this page.

This was my night vision yesterday with my pupil fully dilated

 I just hope things will get better soon and I don't have to suffer this blurred vision for a long time.

The way I see things now

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