The watchers of the tower

The watchers of the tower

This afternoon my sister Teresa, who was spending the day with us on the beach, suggested that we could go to see 'La Puesta del Sol'  - the sunset- from the Mirador de la Torre de Cerro Gordo.

Me and my sister by the tower

I accepted immediately and we set forth with our sneakers and our cameras, ready to have a pleasant walk on the Cerro Gordo hill  and  enjoy the beautiful sunlight sinking in the Mediterranean Sea .


When we got near the tower, we realized that some mountain goats  had left their shelters between rocks and pine trees and were walking near the path that links the parking site with the Mirador of Cerro Gordo as if they were trying to control the people who had gone there, like us, to enjoy the sunset. 

On both sides of the track they watched how we, the sun-worshippers, adopted strange positions with our bodies and our cameras trying to take the best photo of the sun setting on the coast of Malaga just beyond Torrox.

The male goat

Today I was lucky to see two male goats and one of them even posed for me. I took the photo from a reasonable distance - I must admit that  I am not a very brave woman when dealing with wild animals , and I then I continued with my expedition to the Mirador.

Pedro, my husband,  says that at his age he  finds nothing special in watching phenomena that happen every day,  such as the sun or the moon rising or setting. He is calm and sensible.

But I know that my sister and I are not the only people we would pay to see scenes like the wonderful sunset we have enjoyed from this Mirador.
Setting sun

In fact, today there were many people on the esplanade of cars taking photos, like me, and enjoying the calm and the magical light of the end of the day. 
More photographers

Some people  had even brought drinks and food and were having a picnic by the side of the road or giving a toast to the setting sun!

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