A perfect morning

Last Tuesday morning my sister Teresa and I visited an exhibition of ceramic  by Antonio Martinez Gomez in  'Carmen de la Victoria' in Granada.
The exhibition  is really worth a visit. Antonio's pieces of ceramic are all a beauty. He  knew how to work with clay and how to get the most out of this material and of the colours he used in his pieces. 
Beautiful pieces - beautiful display

Different shapes, textures, colours

Antonio also wrote poetry

Powerful clay
Antonio passed away seven months ago but a few months before his death he had arranged with the University of Granada, the owners of the Carmen de la Victoria, to have this exhibition held in the carmen

That is why it has been Lola, his widow,  who has organized the exhibition.

She has chosen the pieces to be shown,  she has arranged them in the exhibition hall, she has selected the photographs for the catalogue and she even stays in the mornings at the Carmen to make it possible for the exhibition to be open more hours and let more visitors enjoy it.
Looking southwards

 Teresa and I were lucky to be accompanied in our visit to the exhibition by Lola. She explained us many things about Antonio: how much he loved ceramics and how hard he had always worked on his art. She also said that she is not planning to part with any of the pieces that could be admired there. They are all part of their lives.

Carmen de la Victoria is one of the residences that the University of Granada has for their guests, people who come to Granada  for short periods of time, either as lecturers,  researchers.
carmen is  a traditional family house with a big garden usually in the district of Albaicin on the hill that stands opposite the Alhambra. That's why the views from these houses are always amazing.
The views - Also important in the Carmen

All in all, it was a morning to be remembered either with pics, or with a text or just in my heart!

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