Roger McGough in Segovia

Segovia - night view

If you live in or near Segovia, please pay a visit to this great poet, Roger McGough.
He will be reading his poems during the Hay Festival, exactly on  Friday 26 September 2014, 11.30am in San Juan de los Caballeros. 
As the programme of this Hay festival states, he is one of the most outstanding British poets and this reading will confirm him as a poet of many voices, hilarious and surreal.

I can tell you this is true. I read his poems quite by chance in some books of poems that I bought  for my young pupils at school.
Here are the books:

Poems for everything

Poems for everyday

I used these books in class with my ESO students and they learnt to write some small funny poems that we published in the school Journal. 

They were really proud of their work and me too.  

 One of my favourite poets in these books was Roger McGough and I have used some of his poems to go with my photos in flickr or in calendars or cards, for example  March Ingorders

MARCH ingorders
March Ingorders

or the poem I chose to go with my Valentine Poem

Valentine Poem
Valentine Poem

One day I would like to publish a book with my photos and  poems in English or Spanish of people like him.   So if you go to Segovia, please, pay him my respects. Say that I sent you there.

There are other poems and poets that I liked in these books. I have used their poems in these photos in flickr.

Kit Wright - The Magic Box

Sue Cowling - Today  and Ten Syllables for Spring

Gerda Mayer - Shallow Poem

Shallow Poem  by Gerda Mayer
Shallow Poem

Ian McMillan - Can't be bothered to think of a title

Ian McMillan's poems were very popular among my pupils at school. They loved this one:

Ten Things Found in a Wizard’s Pocket 
 A  dark night.
Some words that nobody could ever spell.
A glass of water full to the top.
A large elephant.
A vest made from spiders’ webs.
A handkerchief the size of a car park.
A bill from the wand shop.
A bucket full of stars and planets, to mix with the dark night.
A bag of magic mints you can suck for ever.
A snoring rabbit.                

¡Ahora he perdido el bolso!
My magic bag
Besides, my students used to say that my bag was something similar to the wizard's pocket or Mary Poppins' bag because  you could find anything inside: pens, glasses, keys (the usual things), but also there were  scissors, glue, cards, games, cassettes, CDs, and photos of popular people, children, families, furniture, household items, presents, food, drinks, colours, animals, transports, adjectives, verbs, prepositions ... all the things I might need for my lessons!

Here you can read some of the little poems my pupils wrote in their most inspired moments and above all inspired by these great poets:

Natalia     My favourite colour is yellow
                  My name is Kate
                  And I like   
Ana Belén   January and February
                  One and Two
                 Black and White
                 How old are you?

Ida         Your look is brilliant
              I am sweet
              Come to my house
               And kiss my feet

Some Things Found in a Chef’s Hat  by Ana
A rotten cheese sandwich
A piece of chocolate with some cream
A fried egg and two sausages
A cup with some coffee for his tea
A melted chocolate ice-cream     
Ten Things That A Magic Hat Has  by Marta
A rabbit
A white pigeon
A small ball
An interminable rope
A house with some people
A smiling mouse
A very long table
All teachers of ‘Padre Manjón’
A magic ring
A treasure               

All my thanks to these young poets and to the great ones!!  

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  1. Tengo que mejorar mi inglés para entenderlo todo. Eres una crac!!

  2. Menos mal que en la pagina lo pude leer en castellano... chulisimo¡¡
    Vivan los poetas, buscare algo de este autor en legible, me gusta ampliar mis horizontes.

  3. Gracias por las visitas.
    Por eso pongo los textos en inglés: ¡¡para que practiquéis!!