The exhibition

The Caja GRANADA Museum opened the photo exhibition "The Colours of Water in Granada" yesterday. 
Caja Granada Museum

There are  reviews about this exhibition on the local press and on the internet and in this blog, of course!

The exhibition
Pedro and I went to see it and I expect many more people will visit this exhibition. It runs until 27 July. If you are around here, come and have a look at our photos. There are some very good photographs, as for example the one which has been awarded  First Prize. It is called 'The look of  water'.

My Cloud and I
 Obviously I like my two pics, especially this huge cloud floating over the popular Cubillas reservoir. I am saying that this dam is famous because it seems that nearly all photographers decided to go there to take the photos for this contest.
Shall we meet at the exhibition hall? Will I become popular and rich sometime?
Will I win the Bonoloto and then be interviewed on TV?
Who knows. I won't complain. At least my two pics were chosen for the exhibition.

Besides, yesterday little Sara was born in Marseilles (France). This is the most important thing I wanted to tell you. All the other things stay on a second level, as you can imagine.
All my love for her and her family!!!

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