miércoles, 6 de agosto de 2008

Jo Stafford - TIME Magazine

Jo Stafford

She was as fine a musical artist as any in the 20th century, up there in a group that included Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland and Peggy Lee. Jo Stafford, who died July 16 at age 90, sang directly in the center of the note, and her sound was as clear as a Spanish town at noon. Stafford was also remarkable for the diversity of the material she tackled. She was one of the greatest ballad singers who ever lived, but she sang pop songs--her 1952 hit You Belong to Me sold 2 million copies--as well as folk music, country songs and novelty numbers. For a very successful period, Stafford and her husband, arranger Paul Weston (above, left), satirized popular singing under the names of Jonathan and Darlene Edwards. Stafford sang deliberately off-key; Weston played a ghastly, oversentimentalized piano. People loved it.

Do you mean this???

Lo siento, esta vez en inglés. Cuando leí la reseña sobre la muerte de esta artista Jo Stafford y la comparación de su voz: tan clara como un pueblo español a mediodia, no pude resistir la tentación de buscar una foto que lo ilustrara claramente, claro.