Le jardin potager - English version

My neighbour must have received a drill for Father's Day and he decided to use it today at half past eight in the morning. That is why I was woken up very early despite being a Sunday. In addition, our plans to go for a long walk had had to be cancelled because of the rain. So I had time today to write this post in which I will tell about we are doing in our patio to get it ready for the new season. After all, today is the first day of Spring!!!
Patio chairs
  Last Thursday I repainted  the patio chairs. they have lots of  layers of paint, but they are still in good conditions and I expect they will last for many more years to come. 
My mosaic on the wall
Pedro and I have also put the mosaic I made in my pottery class on the wall below the window. It  looks pretty good there,  I hope it will  withstand the test of time. It will my legacy for future generations.
Sunrise on a glazed mosaic
Now it is also time to look after the flower-pots.  I have removed the  plants withered by the cold and have filled the pots with new flowers. 
And it is also the time to sow some seeds in good earth with  the hope that something grows  before birds or heat end up with new seedlings.
New plants
 We look forward to our grand-children's visit in August and for them  we have installed two small gardens in the patio. One will be a jardin potager  where Pedro will grow aromatic  and culinary plants, and I will grow  flowers of various kinds, especially flowers to dry.
Le jardin potager

When it stopped raining  this morning, we went to the plant nursery  to get some seeds for the gardens. 
Some seeds for my little garden

I also brought you some flowers, these are already in full bloom!

Gerbera daisies

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